Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Here I am, two months late reviewing this movie, without any links or any other fanfare. Why? Well, because I did not want to add to the original debate, and because the I am not really a movie critic. My opinion on this matter is hardly important. Of course, neither am I a book critic, so there we are.

First of, the basics: Did I enjoy the movie? Yes! A lot. And not in a fan-boy sort of way. Did I enjoy it as much as the first movie? No! The movie did not have the freshness of the first Transformers movie or the originality. Yet, it maintained the spirit of the Transformers franchise.

Now, at this point, you'll say, you lost me, "what are you talking about?" Please understand, that I have been watching Transformers since 1984. Yes, I realize that at the time I was in High School, but call me a "Nerd" if you want, it was something to take my mind off things back then, including my mother's cancer (she passed away that year), and the pressures of High School in the big city, having grown-up in a small town. So I adored, the Autobots, as protectors of the weak humans, just as I adored other superheroes whose adventures I read about in Comic Books (Batman, Daredevil, Spiderman, X-men and Superman come to mind). So, Transformers and I go way back.

I got (as in, I understood, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"), maybe because I am clued-in into the mythology, or maybe because I like the special effects, or maybe because I want to be taken to a special place once in a while, where only movies can take us.

But, how did the movie fare as a movie, and how does the plot hold-up to examination? Well, it doesn't... At best, the plot was no better than a three part episode of the original series -- seriously! At worse, let's not go there.

The movie does not deserve to be ranked as some kind of monumental movie making achievement. You can't sit and watch it and think, "well it's between this one and 'Citizen Kane' for best of all time." Not even close. It's not that kind of movie.

But boy, did I enjoy this movie. And, as such mindless, pointless, fun movies go, there was another such movie that Michael Bay made called "Armageddon". I hated that movie. I hated it with a passion. I still do. Maybe because a similar movie had opened earlier that summer called "Deep Impact" which was thoughtful and more realistic. At least, "Transformers 2," while NOT realistic in any way, has this 'mythology' to fall back on, this history to fall back on -- and that, I enjoyed.

One last point: Will I be buying the DVD when it comes out? Yes. For me it was save-worthy.

But, if there is a third movie in the franchise, I expect something a lot more thoughtful, a lot better than what we just experienced. We shall see.

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