Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1110. Telegraph Avenue

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Right off the bat, I want to apologize to the Author, Michael Chabon and to the publisher of this novel, Harper Collins. You see, I borrowed this book, based on reviews, and the reviews were awesome...(jeez, who uses awesome in a book review?) So off I went to my Public Library, and put my name on the waiting list. And after a long wait, the notification came that the book was ready for me to pick-up and read. So I did.

I sat down, and I loved the prose. The language was beautiful. But before I get into any of that, let me just say, this book, is really my first Michael Chabon book... Yes, I know a huge oversight. But believe it or not, I actually own ALL of his other works, I just have not had an opportunity to read them yet. And why not? Well, all of his works have been at one stage or another recommended to me, so I have scooped them up with the intent to read, but this was more immediate, because it was a Library Book, and I was on a schedule, and I needed to be done with it within a certain time frame.

So maybe, that's the reason I did not like it and no other reason at all... I abandoned the book on page 64... I just could not get into these characters. The build-up of their story and their struggles, and the closing of the record shop on Telegraph Avenue just did not pique my curiosity enough to continue reading in the time allotted. Did I give the book a fair shake? I don't know. Did I give the author a fair shake? I don't know. I do plan to read the other Michael Chabon novels that I own, and I plan to finish those... whenever I get to them. But as for this book, I don't know whether I'll have the time to go back to it, regardless of the build-up the book had as the "Great American Novel".

Since I did not finish it, I am not giving it any rating.

PS.  Harper Collins: You're more than welcome to send me a copy of this book in Paperback and I'll give it another try, this time, I won't be constrained by time.

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