Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The "Star Wreck" movie

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

Of course, that's a play on words. It really means: "Star Trek: In the Beginning", and this movie is a parody.

I belong to what one can describe as an online Science Fiction Fan Club or Association. Years ago, some other members had alerted me to the presence of this 2005 movie from Finland. It is a very well made parody of Star Trek made in the vain of the "Airplane" movies. The movie is just over an hour and a half long. At the time, the folks who had produced the movie were promoting it, and I had just gotten high-speed Internet. So, I took their offer of a free download. But, since that time, I had not had the opportunity to watch it.

But, technology finally caught up with this common man. I am the owner of a TiVo Box and there now exists the technology, via this wonderful program called pyTivo to watch any video stored on your computer via your TiVo on your TV.

Isn't Technology great? Thanks armoo and krkeegan, two of the developers of pyTivo!

Anyway, onto the movie . CAUTION! This contains some spoilers.

The story opens with Captain Pirk (yes, I know -- hilarious!) leading a combined fleet through some sort of "wormhole" (oh, you will like, what they call wormholes in this movie). But before, the movie continues, we're given some background. How Captain Pirk came to be in this situation.

Apparently, he and his crew, are caught in some sort of time warp that takes them to Earth's past (our present) where they try to blend in -- in a rather funny way. But then, they decide, enough with that, we'll speed up progress and conquer the world. So, Captain Pirk, becomes the leader of this new United World and goes on a mission to discover more habitable planets.

I will leave the rest of the movie UNSPOILED, for those who want to watch it. It is imperative to remember that some of the sensibilities of the actors are European from Finland, but a lot of the humor is universal. It's also important to remember what these folks accomplished without a big Hollywood budget. I was thoroughly impressed.

Even though, I got this movie for free, I will definitely be willing to spend money to purchase it, and I intend to do so. I think, the creators intended for word of mouth to spread the fame of this movie. So, if you don't find subtitles daunting, I recommend you go and find this movie, buy it from Amazon, or from whatever other online source, and enjoy it. You'll have a blast. More importantly, you'll question, WHY it takes Hollywood so much money to produce the kind of crap they put out, when a couple of guys from Finland can succeed with an effort like this. But even if you don't care about Hollywood politics, the movie is FUN.

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