Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The CBS Evening News

The only news I watch IS the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Why? Because I like my news REAL without fluff, without fake opinion, full of  REAL Journalism. And as Journalists go, Scott Pelley is one of the best, an Old School Journalist out of that Old School where every real journalist who wants to use the title "Journalist" should be from.

So, suffice it to say, I was completely excited to find how the "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley" has grown year to year and is the only evening newscast making ratings gains. CBS deserves this success and Scott does too. This does not mean that I know Scott, but being somebody who watches this newscast nightly, and have watched Scott Pelley for years on "60 Minutes", I can tell you that he is one of the hardest working journalists. And he's someone that I trust to give me the news and the truth -- just like in the old days, when we trusted Walter Cronkite and people like him.

Evening news has evolved a lot in the past 30 years. It has had its low points (Connie Chung and Dan Rather together) and its high points (Peter Jennings post 9/11). Now, 'evening news' has a new champion, and his name is Scott Pelley, on CBS.

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