Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heroes Spoilers # 1

(Warning! The post below, might contain spoilers!)

So anybody who knows me, knows that I spend way to much time watching and "consuming" everything to do with the show "Heroes". In fact, I spend way to much time over at my favorite forum: where we discuss all sorts of spoilers and theories about "Heroes".

Of course, "Heroes" was one of the shows that was severely affected by the writer's strike that just ended in February, just prior to the Academy Awards. The strike ended-up shortening the season to just eleven episodes and one volume, Volume 2: "Generations". In order to preserve artistic integrity, the creators of the show decided to not return for 2-3 episodes in late spring of 2008 once the WGA strike was concluded and actually re-tool the show and return "with a bang" in the fall of 2008.

One of the big mysteries that the 11th and final episodes of the second season left us with was "Who Shot Nathan Petrelli?" Especially since he was about to reveal the existence of "mutant powers" to the general public. Nathan is played on "Heroes" by the excellent Adrian Pasdar, an actor that many of us have grown attached to. I would hate to see the "Nathan Petrelli" character depart the show in the way depicted in Episode # 11 of Season Two.

Now comes word that "Nathan Petrelli" might not be dead, and in fact will most likely return for Season 3 of the show which will start "shooting" in Hollywood as early as May of 2008. This information was revealed during a panel of the "MegaCon" Convention which a number of people who attended are now reporting. Here is a quote from a person who attended the convention:

He also referenced Nathan constantly in the present-tense.

He jokingly mentioned a 'theoretical' scenario for how season two really ended. He was like "the clues were all there for what really happened". He posed the scenario that Nathan wore a vest -- and either
a) knew the attack was coming
b) planned it himself
Both were really interesting, and he really seemed to be pushing them, because the guy who was leading the Q & A (can't remember his name) was like "You used the word 'vest' twice" and Adrian started laughing.

Adrian alluded to the fact that he will have a lot of scenes with Claire next season, and him being a 'father' will be really important.

If this information is true, it certainly brings hope to those fans who are fanatic about this show. And here's hoping that Adrian Pasdar not only returns next season, but has a much bigger role.

Thank you Kara (aka, moosewizard) for the info from MegaCon!

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