Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lost 4.6: "The Other Woman"

Do you watch Lost? Are you addicted to it like I am? Have you watched every single episode of "Lost" since the beginning?

Well I have! Now, this post is not to review or discuss the whole history of the show "Lost" -- although, that is a worthwhile subject that I might touch upon in later posts.

What has always aggravated me, or made me question what I am seeing on the screen with "Lost" is the morality of some of the characters. Many of the actions taken by the major "players" of "Lost" seem to be of a dubious nature. And yet, after Season 1, after the twists and turns and tribulations suffered by the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, another character was introduced with even murkier morals, with even murkier actions, with a way of viewing the world and acting on it totally "alien" to my sensibilities. It was at this point that I almost dropped "Lost" from my regular viewing schedule. The character in question? "Benjamin Linus".

Ben's actions and morals are central to the story and the action of the episode we just witnessed on Thursday, March 6th, 2008. How truly evil is Ben? How truly manipulative is Ben? How dark is his heart? What actually lies in his heart? What motivates him? Why does he do what he does?

We've seen Ben affect the actions of others from events that took place years or even months in the past. We've seen Ben's actions affect Juliet and her budding love for the doctor Jack. And we have seen the fear that Ben can cause to people -- both to those from the "rescue boat" and those wanting to get off the island.

So, why, when faced with such Evil (with a capital "E") has no one taken the action to "kill" Ben? Why then, do people still allow Ben to exist? Why then do people allow Ben to talk them into doing things for him? What gives him that kind of power?

I have always questioned the morality espoused by this show. I wouldn't call it twisted, but it is definitely, not in agreement with my beliefs. So why do I keep watching? Ah! But that is the question, and something about which, I am going to keep on posting!

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