Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jericho: Patriots and Tyrants (2.7)

It's a shame really. One of the best television shows to come along in a very long time came to its conclusion tonight because the hard headed woman who runs CBS Television, Nina Tassler decided it was not worthy of continuing.

Personally, and this is my own little private venting on the matter, I believe the decision was partly political in nature. It was political for all the reasons I will lay out below. Oh, this was going to be a review of the last episode in which Jake and Hawkins take the remaining nuke out of the hands of the renegade government of Cheyenne, Wyoming and deliver it to the Governor in Texas. What does this act accomplish? Firstly, it proves that this was NOT an act of international terrorism, but a well thought-out and executed plan from within to decapitate the government and take over the country. The bomb is the proof. It was made from nuclear material stolen from domestic sources and had no sourcing in Iran and N. Korea, two countries in this fictionalized world that we have eliminated from the world map through retaliatory nuclear ICBM strikes.

Second, it gives the government of Texas a large chip to hold in the Post-Apocalypse world of U.S.A. politics. It can veer away from the Cheyenne, Wyoming pretenders and align itself with the remnants of the true, democratic government of the US. It now knows the truth. Is there a 2nd American Civil War brewing? Something that we've seen hints of, in Season 2 of Jericho?

It continues to amaze me, how well this show captures some of the subtleties of the hidden politics in the arena of public life in this country. Most people will admit, they wake-up in the morning, eat their breakfast, go to work, try to earn a decent living, so that they can go home and maybe enjoy some quality time with their children and their husbands or wives. Most people are good people. I have always felt that. The people that I meet day to day are just average Joes, just like you and me, with their own set of problems, but they have happiness in their lives too. They go about wanting the same things; a better education for their children, a retirement for themselves, a vacation now and then. Some used to call all of that "The American Dream". But somewhere along the way, the dream got hijacked.

It got hijacked by the special interests, by the corporations, by the powerful in America. The powerful keep promising the same things they have always promised, but those are only broken promises now. And why is that? Because most people are in a sort of a haze, in a funk, in a daze. Oh, they are mostly happy with where they are -- and don't you dare threaten God and Country. Don't you dare speak badly about the Bible. But that's not the point, is it? The thieves have already come into the house, stolen the valuables and desecrated the altar. And you didn't even know it. It's already to late to do something about it. When Dr. King was marching on Washington the thieves were plotting their take-overs from CEO boardrooms, from Fifth Avenue penthouses and from executive suites overlooking beautiful palm trees in many different locations. They had carved-up the world, declared a victor and passed-out the spoils. And you, me and the average Joe, we're just bit players in the drama, aren't we? They've already shipped our jobs somewhere else, somewhere the labor rates suit their tastes, and they get better profits and larger bottom lines.

So, why couldn't a whole country be hijacked? What is the "check" and the "balance" in the system to stop the hijacking? This was the basic and underlying premise of Jericho. In the REAL, post-9/11, tragic world, anything is possible, anything is plausible. If "We The People" do not keep-up our vigilance, then who is to say that our Democracy can not be hijacked? And do not argue with me that we are a Republic and not a Democracy. We are a "Republic" with a "Democratic" form of government, but for some reason, we're reverting to what a "Republic" stood for in the ancient tradition; the rule of the few, the rule of the "monarch", or in this case, the rule of the "Ploutarch" -- the Rich (the Oligarch)!

So, as season 2 of Jericho came to conclusion, detailing these obvious truths, and showing the actions of true patriots, one must wonder, what does the 40% (or more in some cases) of Americans who don't vote think about the issues that Jericho presented? Do they perceive that because this was a fictionalized account, "leave me alone, I don't want to be bothered, I am watching 'American Idol' or any of the myriad other Reality TV shows, and have no time to think?" Or, do they only want to think that hard, when they are in the voting booth, after they've been beaten up by propaganda from either the left or the right and they are about to pull their little lever or write down their little choice for president? Whatever the case may be, the wonderful show Jericho, is no more, and one is left to ponder why? Because, I think, plenty of good people watched it and appreciated it.

The fight for Jericho lives on at Jericho Rally Point. I thank, Callisto925 especially, for the wonderful covers I used on my episode synopsis/reviews. Major props!

And shame on you Nina Tassler for lying to us fans, first bringing the show back for a shortened second season, then not giving it a half way chance to succeed and bowing to other interests and canceling it.

Major congratulations to the creators for what they achieved with this show. I WILL BE buying the DVD Boxed sets! Thanks!

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