Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jericho: Sedition (2.6)

Jericho continues it's run into the sunset with the next to last episode of the second, shortened season called: "Sedition". An 'Act' of Sedition of course, is an act of insurrection against the established order, in the case of Jericho, the citizens of Jericho rebelling against the lawful authority of the U.S. Government. Except of course, things are not that clear cut in Jericho any more. There is NO MORE U.S. Government, as it was destroyed when the nuclear bombs flew in the first episode of season 1. Jericho has been ruled from the Western States capital of Wyoming. And, it clearly appears now that the head of that 'fake' government calling itself the 'Allied States' of America is really a puppet of 'Jennings & Rall' and 'Ravenwood'.

In this context, 'Jennings & Rall' and 'Ravenwood' of course stand for 'KBR' and 'Blackwater' and the message is clear. We have sold our country and our freedoms to the giant behemoth multi-nationals, with the power to not only finance elections, but to actually BUY elections for their clients. And, after buying them, they can make it stick, by simply using their private contractor army, called 'Blackwater'.

If you don't think it can happen in this country, then you obviously just fell out of the apple tree...

The beauty of the episode 'Sedition' is to show that might does make right. Major Beck, the local army commander knows some of the self-evident truths about the situation that has developed. He believes that his actions are helping to put the Old Country, the USA, back together. During the situations he is encountering, is he discovering otherwise? Because by know he has had sufficient conversations with Hawkins, Jake and Heather to understand that things are not what they appear to be.

I like Jake's resistance to the 'isolation' - sensory deprivation tank he's placed in. He survives it by conjuring his grandfather in his mind, who helps guide him through his resistance. Grandfather explains that what some people call a terrorist or resistance, other people call a revolutionary. The people in Wyoming, who are running 'Jennings and Rall', are called Usurpers. They took power by destroying. They took what did not belong to them. The only way to take it back is by fighting them, by launching what is in effect a revolution. That government might call the people of 'Jericho' terrorists, but they are not.

Isn't it interesting when you contrast this episode with a book review for a book I recently finished, Empire by Orson Scott Card to notice how much better, the writers of Jericho handle the subject matter? Not only do they present a cautionary, morality tale, but they play a lot of role reversals and teach us about our own society today. It's all right there on the screen. It does not have to be interpreted by an essay at the end of the book.

There is late breaking news that CBS is canceling the show Jericho. There is no accounting for taste, I guess... I wonder if there is accounting, or room for conspiracy theories, anyone?

You think the real corporate money got to CBS and told them that they were uncomfortable with the way they were being portrayed on their TV show? I'll think about it some more and post later. I hope not.

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